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About Us

The Thailand of Innovation and Value Creation was established in 1991 (originally called the Design Service Center), under the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce. The Institute was given the task of undertaking the government’s policy of creating value for Thai export products so as to better compete in the ever changing global market.The government’s strategy of introducing design and creativity in product development in the Thai export industry was to strengthen its foundation and its capabilities in maintaining and expanding its global market share, as exports contributed to over half of all foreign revenue into Thailand.


The initial phase of work focused on building awareness and recognition of value creation through design and creativity, as well as incorporating brand building strategies. This proved quite challenging as Thailand was predominantly a production based or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing). It was relying heavily on competitive labor and production costs as well as its reputation on high quality manufacturing. Thus the need for research & development, design and designer was still very low. However, as Thailand entered a new era of global trade competition, with the emergence of regional manufacturing competitors coupled with the 1997 economic crisis, as well as an ever demanding consumer market, many within the industry have had to re-think their trade strategies. Value creation was thus given a greater role in raising the competitiveness of Thai products and services to the international market.


Thus, the Office’s work in the support and promotion of value creation is of paramount importance to the Thai export industry. Many projects undertaken have resulted in the development of over 400 professional Thai designers and designer brands. Many Thai SMEs now employ these designers both freelance and in-house. Many designers have successfully become entrepreneurs with their own design brands and have started to look toward the international market.


Recently, the Office has expanded its area of work to include brand promotion and commercialization of new Thai innovations particularly with eco-friendly and food products. The Thailand Innovation and Design Expo (TIDE) was thus organized to showcase Thailand’s potential in this area.


The Thailand of Innovation and Value Creation continues to have a vital role in maintaining Thailand’s competitiveness in the global trade arena, and continues its mission of establishing Thailand as one of the world leaders in the area of design and creativity, as well as raising the image of Thailand as a ‘trusted’ source of the highest quality products and services.

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Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP)

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