(Formerly known as the Design Service Center) was established under the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce in 1991 in response to the government policy by using the strategy to create added value for Thai products to be competitive in the world market.

Nowadays, Thailand has competitors in production that can produce products at a cheap price including changing the taste of consumers who don't focus on only cheap price but also want good quality products as well as useful and good design, so if Thailand will survive in a rapidly changing market, it must create more value by using creativity, design, branding or even seriously innovating in the future

Therefore, Office of Innovation and Value Creation has set mission on Design, Branding and Innovation to be in line with International Trade trend, in order to develop and increase Thai products and services for value creation, quality competitive, creativity and to gain confident and sustainability in international trade. In order to accomplish the mission, activities are set for implementation. Details are,

- Promoting and supporting potential Thai designers who would like to enter the export business, develop business and marketing knowledge, and present products including trade negotiations with foreign buyers directly and develop themselves to be an internationally recognized designer brand.

- Creating the image of the country and Thai products through the Thailand Trust Mark by communicating with buyers/consumers about the good characteristics of Thai products/services in terms of standards and quality of Thai products/services that the world can be trustworthiness and takes into account the environmental impact (Eco-friendly / Green) and to be products with social responsibility.

- Design Excellence Award (Demark) for Thai products to enhance and create added value of Thai products to be equivalent to international well-designed products and encouraging Thai entrepreneurs to develop product designs

- Developing and enhancing trade opportunities for products that are innovative and environmentally friendly by connecting manufacturers/innovators with traders and investments, including organizing Thailand Innovation and Design Expo for promoting Thailand's product potential in the innovation factor.

- Enhancing knowledge and understanding about the direction and trends in production and trade of products/services in design, innovation, and branding.

Brand - promote the brand in the category of trade.

Thai Style - Promote the image of the country in trade.

Design - Promote design to the global market.

Innovation - Promote innovation for trade.

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