Innovation and Design Zone (IDZ) is an exhibition of innovative products and designs initiated by the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) Ministry of Commerce. The exhibition collects products from entrepreneurs, including innovations and new technology with the potential to encourage Thai entrepreneurs to show their work and create opportunities to sell various products and services, as well as public relations and business expansion to the international market. The event was in collaboration with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and The Thailand Research Fund (TRF)

What we do

We display 40 products that reflect the potential of innovative food products for the commercial extension.

We display 3 innovative products from rice that have been developed to build brand potential from the IDEA LAB project. There are 3 brands including PRIZE, Diamond Fresh and Jasberry, as well as various products from rice and packaging of Rice2Rice is made from waste materials such as rice straw to produce as packaging as an alternative to protect the environment.

This special booth is an extension of 24 food innovators that have been developed in the field of food innovation from NSTDA and TRF for totaling 24 innovators as well as being a negotiation area, providing services to IDZ participating entrepreneurs for use in business negotiations.

It is a special exhibition and organizing public relations activities for entrepreneurs participating in the special booth.

Innovation plus Design Style Café (I + D Style Café)

is an exhibition and public relations activities to promote the market for food entrepreneurs from 24 special booths and other Thai food products / raw materials under the concept of EAT EASE. Visitors can try the ice cream tasting and listen to the story of the origin of ingredients that can be found in Thailand through this special exhibition as well as visitors can participate some activities such as smelling, touching or tasting raw materials, thus creating a positive image of Thailand internationally even more.

is a product design and development consultancy by experts in packaging design, service systems, and business models by adopting Design Thinking to solve business problems and meet consumer needs efficiently. This section is supported by Industrial Designers Society Thailand (IDS) and Thai Package Design Association (PDA). In addition, this section also exhibits well-designed packagings from the Demark Award, innovative and environmentally friendly packagings from PTT.

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